The Science Behind DuraCool™

Unlike traditional treatments that diminish quickly, PlayOn’s™ DuraCool™ technology applies an invisible, medicinal film directly onto the skin continuously delivering pain relief when and where you need it most.

DuraCool™ enhances the delivery of medicine, driving it deeper into your muscles and joints increasing pain relief.  DuraCool™ reduces cell toxicity, providing a safer alternative for your body.

DuraCool™ technology is backed by over a decade of rigorous research. DuraCool™ is the next-generation pain relief providing safer, more effective, and enduring pain relief.

Head Scientist

Dr. Alex Battaglia

Having experienced horrendous athlete’s foot and back pain for years, Dr. Battaglia failed traditional therapies. Being a surgeon, inventor and researcher, he invented DuraCool™  technology.  Duracool™ technology is a medication delivery method that has undergone 10+ years of research, including pre-clinical and clinical trials.  It has received 40+ worldwide patents and is FDA-compliant. Its cytoprotective qualities have been studied and described on a molecular level in the following publication: PMC5694425.

DuraCool™ Technology

PlayOn® is the first ever pain relief solution powered by DuraCool® time-release sweat-resistant technology!

DuraCool® has been shown to alleviate pain longer and more powerfully by delivering the ingredients deeper into your muscles and joints beyond the skin-cell barrier. This means you will get instantaneous, sustained, and deep relief.

Backed by 10+ years of rigorous scientific research, DuraCool™ is a powerful, FDA-compliant, and long-lasting solution for topical pain relief.