PlayOn Spotlight: DuraCool Technology

PlayOn Spotlight: DuraCool Technology


Compared to competitor products, DuraCool Technology…

  1. Increases the rate of medication delivery
  2. Increases the duration of medication delivery
  3. Delivers medication even while rigorously sweating


As an active athlete or fitness devotee, you may wonder what makes PlayOn more impactful than other topical pain relievers or recovery tools. The answer lies in the mechanism of action of DuraCool technology. The biologically active ingredients of PlayOn are intrinsically valuable in their ability to reduce inflammation and promote recovery. However, ensuring long-term and effective delivery of these compounds is critical to optimize their beneficial effect.


PlayOn achieves this through its technology, DuraCool, which binds the active medicinal compounds and adheres to the skin to create a medication reservoir. Timed-release of the active ingredients provides a long-lasting therapeutic window for pain relief and inflammation reduction. Furthermore, the DuraCool delivery system increases the medication delivery rate and is sweat-resistant. These three key features of DuraCool technology work synergistically to deliver medication with faster onset and longer duration than competitor products, promoting a more pain-free, better-recovered, and more refreshed body that is ready to attack your daily routine.

Longer Lasting Medication:

PlayOn is a powerful recovery agent and pain and inflammation reducer, but the technology of DuraCool works mechanistically for many therapeutic drug applications beyond PlayOn alone. One such use is highlighted when testing DuraCool applied as medicinal for nicotine-weaning against a leading product, Nicorette Gum. DuraCool + Nicotine demonstrated a therapeutic window of 113 minutes compared to Nicorette Gum’s therapeutic window of 35 minutes.  Further, an onset of symptom relief occurred after 7 minutes for DuraCool versus 25 minutes for Nicorette gum (Figure 1A). Serum nicotine concentrations increased at a faster rate and were more sustained at elevated levels in the DuraCool trial than Nicorette Gum. Comparing the patients’ serum nicotine concentration and self-reported craving demonstrates a clear association, as the cravings metric changes inversely with the serum concentration (Figure 1). In this study, DuraCool enabled faster onset of relief, longer-lasting medication delivery, and reduced cravings, thereby improving outcomes. These nicotine study results powerfully demonstrate the efficacy of DuraCool and directly apply to the topical applications of medication to the skin, which is important when considering the mechanism of action for PlayOn.

An additional study evaluated a formulation of DuraCool with diclofenac, an NSAID (anti-inflammatory) drug, tested against Voltaren, a leading topical medication of diclofenac. Secondary immunofluorescent testing measures delivery through green fluorescence upon binding diclofenac. Cells of the dermis and epidermis (skin cells) fluoresce green only when cells absorb diclofenac. The formulation powered by DuraCool technology outcompetes other products, as indicated by a higher luminescence intensity (Figure 2B). Further testing using a 3D cell model enables quantification and comparison of the overall diclofenac absorption. The DuraCool system had a faster onset of medication delivery than Voltaren, with over double the amount of diclofenac delivered after 60 minutes, and a more sustained delivery with more diclofenac delivered per minute for the entire 240-minute trials (Figure 2A). These data combine to elucidate the effectiveness of DuraCool applied to transdermal medication treatment and cellular absorption, indicating a high bioavailability of medication when delivered with DuraCool technology.

Figure 1: A) Reported nicotine cravings at the time of administration (0 min) and after administration of nicotine medication. Reduced cravings indicate the therapeutic window of drug effectiveness. B) The monitored blood-serum concentration of nicotine in minutes after administration, overlayed with the therapeutic window.

Figure 2: A) The total amount of diclofenac delivered to epithelial cells in vitro by DuraCool and Voltaren Gel over 120 minutes as measured in a 3D cell culture Mattek EpiDerm™ system. B) Secondary immunofluorescent testing against diclofenac fluoresces green upon cellular absorption and binding of diclofenac. Greater luminescent intensity corresponds to greater absorption. Red arrows indicate points of high contrast in intensity between groups.

Higher Flux of Medication Delivery:

A longer therapeutic window is highly beneficial for reducing your pain and inflammation with PlayOn, which improves further when coupled with a higher medication delivery rate for faster onset of relief. When quantifying the medication delivery rate by evaluating the flux of the antifungal drug ciclopirox in a DuraCool formulation against Penlac, a market leader brand name, DuraCool technology enables a much greater maximum flux of the ciclopirox, with sustained maximum delivery over the test period. Whereas the medication delivery rate in the Penlac product waned over the test interval (Figure 3). These flux trials elucidate DuraCool’s ability to increase the delivery rate of medication as compared to competing products

Figure 3: The flux of ciclopirox medication across a dermatome animal skin membrane is measured using Franz-diffusion cells for competitor Penlac (red) and DuraCool formulation (black).

The versatility of DuraCool’s application to topical pain relievers inspires measuring the effects of delivering diclofenac against Pennsaid, a leading topical pain reliever and arthritis medication of the drug diclofenac. DuraCool delivered Diclofenac more rapidly over the first two hours of treatment, delivering up to 13x more diclofenac than Pennsaid after 120 minutes (Figure 4). Delivering higher quantities of medication with increased cellular uptake indicates greater medication bioavailability, favoring improved outcomes in symptom relief and prevention.

Figure 4: Total diclofenac delivery measured against time for two different DuraCool formulations (orange and green) and a competitor Pennsaid (blue). All data is measured using 3D cell models in vitro with the Mattek EpiDermTM system.

DuraCool was further tested as a delivery vehicle of diclofenac to reduce pain scores in a clinical trial. Twenty-eight participants were randomly assigned between the placebo (N=14) and DuraCool + Diclofenac condition (N=14). While there appears to be a pain decrease 20 minutes after the DuraCool treatment was applied, the result is statistically insignificant compared to Placebo (p=0.081). There was a significant decrease in pain 60 minutes after treatment for the DuraCool condition over the placebo (p=0.041, Figure 5). These improved pain outcomes demonstrate that DuraCool technology empowers fast and long-lasting drug delivery, revealing the importance of its application in topical pain relief.

Figure 5: Twenty-eight patients that sustained gym injuries were randomly assigned to a treatment condition (N=14 in each condition). Each patient recorded their pain level before, 20 min. after, and 60 min. after topical application of either placebo or DuraCool formulation for 7 days. The data points on the graph indicate the pain score at each time interval averaged across 7 days.

Sweat Resistance/Activation:

DuraCool technology provides quick and longer-lasting relief, which remains highly effective through rigorous sweat because its sweat-resistant properties allow it to remain adhered to the skin. The technology delivering the medication to your cellular tissue binds to the skin surface using mastic gum, which is highly insoluble in water. This application creates an unnoticeable thin film of resin and medication on your skin that enables the long-term timed release of the medication for transdermal absorption. Because sweat consists of mostly water, perspiration is unable to dissolve the mastic gum-based film on your skin. Thus, the application site can effectively provide fast and long-term relief to promote better outcomes for your well-being without needing to worry about adherence, durability, and performance of the relief during strenuous exercise.


The DuraCool technology in PlayOn offers a cutting-edge topical pain reliever and pro-recovery tool that addresses therapeutic needs more effectively than other existing products. In numerous experiments against leading competitors, DuraCool demonstrates its ability to prolong therapeutic windows and increase the medication delivery rate, even in the presence of rigorous perspiration. Each data result highlights the versatility and power of DuraCool technology, especially as applied to topical pain management and recovery in PlayOn. The abilities of DuraCool technology demonstrate the immense potential in the field of transdermal drug delivery, which can start individually with you and your next bottle of PlayOn.

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